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LIFE+ Introduction


With the implementation of this project the city of Cuenca became a European reference in noise management. Among the many projects submitted to the European Commission by public and private institutions, only 37 were approved. The project submitted by the City Council of Cuenca is the only one in Castilla-La Mancha whose coordinating beneficiary is a registered entity in this autonomous community.

Summary of the Project
The  increase  of  environmental  noise  has  become  one  of  the  most  troublesome contaminants which most directly affects the citizens welfare. 
One  of  the  principal  environmental  problems  faced  by  citizens  who  live  in  cities  is noise pollution. Due to the increase of population density, the people concentration in “night life”  places,  the  increased  mechanization  of  production  processes  and  the  massive  use  of private transport, the noise causes a higher incidence in the municipalities population health.
In  the  last  decades,  noise  pollution  has  grown  to  such  a  point  that,  according  to  the European  Commission,  around  80  million  Europeans  have  to  bear  everyday  environments with  more  than  65  decibels  which  are  considered  "unacceptable".  Spain,  according  to  the World  Health  Organization  (WHO)  data,  is  the  second  noisiest  country  in  the  world  after apan.   So,   70%   of   the   Spanish   population   suffers   "unacceptable"   noise   levels.   The
municipality of Cuenca is not an exception to this situation and, according to the conclusions drawn from the survey conducted for the Agenda 21 municipal diagnosis, 60% of those polled express that the noise level is medium and that this noise is principally produced by the traffic (51,87%), and then the leisure activities.
The  municipality  of  Cuenca  is  facing  new  challenges  regarding  noise  pollution. Population density increase, urban traffic, concentration of people en leisure places, lack of multidisciplinary management and low noise pollution awareness has caused so much trouble to the municipality citizens. 
Project funding and budged
The  project  has  been  approved  by  the  European  Union  under  the  LIFE+  program, which is the European Union financial instrument for the environment.  The total project amount is 566.387€.

The project will be developed thought out the biennium 2010-2011.
What do I get from the Project in my daily life?
The  increase  of  environmental  noise  is  considered  as  one  of  the  most  troublesome contaminants  which  most  directly  affect  the  welfare  of  the  citizenship.  The  noise  in commercial areas is considered pollution from 65 dB (55 dB between 22-8h am) and exceed it may  create  serious  difficulties  both  physically  and  psychologically  and  emotionally.  The Project aims to safeguard these limits improving the quality of individual life.
How does the Project benefit Cuenca?
Noise is one of the most common sources of conflict in the neighbourhood. Raising awareness  about  can  avoid  problems  and  can  improve  the  living  together  relationships between people who live there.
How I can contribute to the Project?
Cuenca  City  Council  has  developed  a  code  of  good  practices  distributed  to  the population. Spread it and respect it, this will be your best contribution to improve the aims of the Project to improve the quality of life in our city.

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